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The new M9.03: the first FLS Dual-Parameter Monitor and Transmitter for the flow measurement

The FLS family of Dual-Parameter monitors is finally complete with the new Dual-Parameter Flow Monitor and Transmitter. Now a single FLS device can manage and show two flow rate measures simultaneously.

The new Flow Monitor and Trasmitter M9.03 is designed to convert the frequency signals of two FLS flow sensors into flow rates and display them on the wide 4" graphic display at the same time.

The set up of each parameters is easy, intuitive and mistake-proof.
Calibration of frequency input can be performed just fixing installation features or using a reference value through the innovative “in-line calibration”.
Two independent 4-20mA outputs are available to remote measures to external devices.
The combination of inputs with digital and analog outputs guarantees a high flexibility of configuration for process control and a cost optimization.

Delivery time is 4 weeks from the order (up to 10 pcs). 

For further information please refer to the product data sheet.

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