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FlowX3 F3.20

Paddlewheel Flow Sensor - for high pressure and temperature

The tough F3.20 is the new FLS sensor suitable for applications such as reverse osmosis, heat exchangers or cooling system where working temperature and pressure are more demanding than usual.  
High F3.00 performances and advanced reliability are the base of the new F3.20 which is further more performing and able to guarantee perfect service at  much heavier conditions. 
Limited maintenance is simplyfied by an easier access to the sensor body thanks to the use of a flat graphite gasket instead of a classical o-ring system. 
One sole sensor plus one sole fitting make you be able to measure flow in a wide range of metallic pipes (from 1 ½” up to 4”).   
The new F3.20 is available in two versions: one ready to be connected to FLS - FLOWX3 monitors and the other equipped to interface with any PLC compatible with the sensor frequency output.

Main Features

  • Working range up to 110 bar (1600 PSI) and up to 248°F (120 °C)
  • Wide operating range (from 0,15 to 8 m/s)
  • One sole sensor and one sole fitting for a wide range of pipe dimensions (from 1 ½” to 8”)
  • High linearity and repeatability
  • Limited maintanance needed and easy execution
  • Available special version for direct connection to PLC


  • Heat Exchangers
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Cooling systems
  • HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
  • Boiler feedwater


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