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FlowX3 F9.20

Battery Powered Flow Monitor

FLS FLOWX3 F9.20 Battery Powered Flow Monitor is equipped with two long life lithium batteries and integrates the power supply for the sensor.
It is designed to show on the LCD display flow rate and totalized flow volume with no external power supply required.
One of the two totalizers is resettable while the other is non-resettable and it is used to permanently record volume consumption.
Self explaining calibration menus allow a customized setup of all measuring parameters and the state of the art electronic design ensures long-term reliable and stable indications.
The high flexibility is maximized with only one packaging for compact pipe mount, panel or wall installation.

Main Features

  • Battery Operated.
  • Long-lasting 3.6 Volt lithium batteries included.
  • 3 line alphanumeric LCD.
  • IP65 monolithic packaging.
  • 5 button keypad.
  • No information lost during battery replacement.
  • One packaging for compact/pipe, panel or wall installation.
  • Self explaining calibration menus.
  • Two totalizers: 10 digit permanent and 6 digit resettable.
  • 5 digit flow rate indication.


  • Water treatment and regeneration systems
  • Mobile wastewater treatment and recovery
  • Water distribution
  • Leak detection
  • Irrigation
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Filtration systems
  • Liquid delivery systems
  • Swimming pools & Spas


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