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FlowX3 F9.50.L

Batch Controller

The FLS FlowX3 F9.50.L Batch Controller family is designed for accurate and reliable batching or blending of a variety of liquids.
The instrument combines complex control capability with easy calibration and operation.
Simple and Advanced mode are available to customize the unit to the specific batch requirements providing simple and quick changes of batch volumes and settings.
The F9.50.L, with two relays, a solid state relay and an analog output, ensure accurate batch operation reducing the possibility of water hammer into the system.
While with the F9.51.L is possible to store up to 10 different batch parameters batching different volumes and different liquids in the same pipeline always with the same accuracy.
The high flexibility is maximized with only one packaging for compact pipe mount, panel or wall installation.
Self explaining calibration menus and 5-button keypad allow a user friendly setup of all the batch parameters while the high visible backlight LCD display can show batch in progress, instant and totalized flow.

Main Features

  • Easy Batch Volume setting.
  • Simple and Advanced operating modes.
  • External Start, Stop and Resume.
  • Self explaining calibration menus.
  • Auto-calibration.
  • Two Stage Shutdown Control (F9.50.L).
  • Overrun Alarm.
  • Missing Signal Alarm.
  • End-of-Batch Pulse Output.
  • Output simulation for system testing.
  • Count-up or Count-down batch indication (F9.50.L).
  • Permanent and Resettable totalizer.
  • 3 line alphanumeric backlight LCD
  • IP65 monolithic packaging.
  • 5 button keypad.
  • One packaging for compact/pipe, panel or wall installation.
  • Automatic or Manual Overrun Compensation (F9.50.L).
  • Advanced Valve Control (F9.50.L).
  • Count-up or Count-down batch indication (F9.50.L).
  • Store up to ten different batch parameters (F9.51.L).
  • Count-up batch indication (F9.51.L).


  • Batch Processes
  • Chemicals Addition
  • Filling Processes
  • Blending Applications


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