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FLS pH/ORP 400

Glass body Bulb electrodes

This FLS line of pH/ORP electrodes with glass body has been designed to fit a wide range of applications.
Different type of junctions guarantee to find the proper solution in according with application needs: version with open junction for a fast response time, version with ceramic junction useful for high pressure application.

Moreover it’s available a version with a special barriered single junction which combine the typical short response time of standard single junction and the contamination protection of reference solution typical of double junction.

A dedicated version for high temperature application is present in our range.

Version with outline cable or with head connection (S7) are available also.

Main features

  • Glass body
  • Cost effective electrodes
  • Sensors suitable for extreme applications
  • Installation easy and cheap
  • Innovative reference solutions
  • Cheap adaptors for installations
  • Special versions available on request


  • Water treatment .
  • Neutralization systems.
  • Water quality monitoring.
  • Process control.
  • Agriculture and fertilizing systems.
  • Plating plant and tannery.
  • Cooling towers and scrubbers.


Compatible Instrumentation

Bulb and Flat pH/ORP Electrodes with Epoxy, PVCC or Glass body

FLS pH/ORP 200
Epoxy body Bulb electrodes

FLS pH/ORP 400
Glass body Bulb electrodes

FLS pH/ORP 600
PVC-C body Flat Surface electrodes