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ChemX3 Flat Surface pH and ORP Electrodes

This is the rugged version of the traditional flat electrodes with an improved self-cleaning effect. Installation and maintenance are easy due to the quick disconnect BNC connectors.
Built into the electrode’s body is a sealed, gel-filled double junction reference design.
This design provides an extra barrier against reference side contamination and allows the electrodes to be used in severe applications prolonging electrode life.
The pH-responsive flat glass surface is placed in the center of the measuring surface and surrounded by the flat porous plastic reference junction providing an excellent sample contact.
A wide range of installation accessories allows in line, submersion or hot tap installation.

Main Features

  • pH and ORP versions
  • Flat electrodes.
  • Double junction technology.
  • Large gel reference volume.
  • High protection from process contamination.
  • Easy and quick installation system.
  • BNC connector.
  • In line, submersion or hot tap installation.
  • Low cost fittings.
  • HF option (pH) for liquids with HF  (max. 2%) inside.
  • DI option (pH) on request for pure water (<100uS).
  • Other special versions on request.


  • Water & Wastewater treatment.
  • Pre-chlorination & de-chlorination.
  • Neutralization systems.
  • Water quality monitoring.
  • Ozone treatment.
  • Cooling towers.
  • Boiler systems.
  • Bleach production.
  • Pulp bleaching.n Aquaculture.
  • Fruit and vegetables washing.
  • Textile Dye Process.


Compatible Instrumentation

pH and ORP

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ChemX3 Flat Surface pH and ORP Electrodes

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