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Flow Monitor & Transmitter

FLS FLOWX3 F9.00.L Flow Monitors & Transmitters are designed to convert the signal from all FlowX3 flow sensors into a display indication and a 4-20 mA signal for long distance transmission.
A very simple and complete choice of options are granted by single or dual input/analog output, Open Collector, Solid State or Mechanical Relay Outputs.
The high flexibility is also maximised through only one packaging for compact pipe mount, panel or wall installation.
Self explaining calibration menus allow a customized setup of all measuring parameters and the state of the art electronic design ensures long-term reliable and stable signals.

Main Features

  • Permanent and resettable totalizer
  • Adjustable outputs
  • Relay, Open Collector and Solid State Relay options.
  • Installation flexibility
  • 3 line aphanumeric backlight LCD (except F9.03).
  • IP65 monolithic packaging
  • 5 button keypad
  • Output simulation for system testing
  • One packaging for compact/pipe, panel or wall installation
  • Self explaining calibration menus
  • Auto-calibration


  • Flow control and measuring
  • Water treatment and regeneration
  • Industrial wastewater treatment and recovery
  • Water distribution
  • Leak detection
  • Processing and manufacturing industry
  • Textile finishing
  • Filtration systems
  • Chemical industry
  • Auxiliary plants
  • Swimming pools & Spas


Compatible Instrumentation

Monitors for Flow, pH/ORP, Conductivity measurement and control

FLS M9.00
2-Wires Flow Monitor

FLS M9.02
Flow Monitor

FLS M9.06
pH/ORP Monitor

FLS M9.05
Conductivity Monitor

FLS M9.10
Dual-Parameter Analog Monitor and Transmitter

FLS M9.20
Battery Powered Flow Monitor

Flow Monitor & Transmitter

FlowX3 F9.20
Battery Powered Flow Monitor

FlowX3 F9.20.BD
Bi-directional Battery Powered Flow Monitor

FLS M9.50
Batch Controller

Flowx3 F9.60 - DISMISSED
Insertion Magmeter with Display