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ChemX3 Epoxy pH and ORP Electrodes

This line of electrodes has been designed to provide a cost effective multi-purpose solution for in line or submersion measurement of pH and ORP in a wide range of applications.
Single and double junction versions are available as well as models with or without quick disconnect top caps.
These epoxy body electrodes can stand several applications thanks to the high chemical resistance of the material.
A simple and reusable gland can be used for economic electrode in-line mounting while a ½” or ¾” coupler with a pipe extension is enough for submersion mounting.

Main Features

  • Epoxy body.
  • Single or double junction technology.
  • Large gel reference volume.
  • Easy and quick installation system.
  • BNC connection.
  • Special versions on request.
  • Low cost fittings


Water treatment.
Neutralization systems.
Water quality monitoring.
Swimming Pools and spas.
Agriculture and fertilizing systems.
Process control.


Compatible Instrumentation

pH and ORP

ChemX3 Epoxy pH and ORP Electrodes

ChemX3 Glass pH and ORP Electrodes

ChemX3 Flat Surface pH and ORP Electrodes

ChemX3 P6.02 pH/ORP Monitor and Controller

ChemX3 pH/ORP Accessories