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ChemX3 Glass pH and ORP Electrodes

This line of electrodes with glass body has been designed both for applications where it’s requested to use sensors with traditional features like open junction, ceramic junction, and for special applications where temperature is high or where there is a presence of interfering species.
Version with or without head connection (S7) are available.
There are also version equipped with double junction and version with barriered junction.

Main features

  • Glass body.
  • Cost effective electrodes.
  • Sensors suitable for extreme applications.
  • Installation easy and cheap.
  • Innovative reference solutions.
  • Cheap adapters for installations.
  • Special versions available on request.


  • Water treatment .
  • Neutralization systems.
  • Water quality monitoring.
  • Process control.
  • Agriculture and fertilizing systems.
  • Plating plant and tannery.
  • Cooling towers and scrubbers.


Compatible Instrumentation

pH and ORP

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ChemX3 Glass pH and ORP Electrodes

ChemX3 Flat Surface pH and ORP Electrodes

ChemX3 P6.02 pH/ORP Monitor and Controller

ChemX3 pH/ORP Accessories