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FLS Technical Assistance

For a prompt technical support, please, fill in carefully the "Assistance Application Form" and FLS Assistance Team will contact you to solve your application issues or to help you choosing the right solution for your application conditions.

To return units for repair or check, please, fill in carefully the "Returned Material Authorization Form". FLS Assistance Team will contact you and you will receive your personal FLS ARM Number as well as shipment detailed instructions. Please note that repairs will not be processed without a completed "Returned Material Authorization Form" enclosed with the returned units.

Send the forms on-line or by fax to FLS Technical Assistance.

For any further technical information, please contact FLS Technical Assistance at:

Per ogni ulteriore informazione o chiarimento, contattate direttamente il Centro Assistenza Tecnica FLS:

Tel: +39 010 96211
Fax: +39 010 96216214

News X3

Electromagnetic FLOWX3 sensors for special applications
Available the new versions of FLOWX3 Magmeters suitable for high temperature applications up to 150° C.