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Electromagnetic FLOWX3 sensors for special applications

Available the new versions of FLOWX3 Magmeters suitable for high temperature applications up to 150° C.

Standard sensors bottom part is usually in PVDF, a material with strong chemical and thermal performances but characterized by a thermal expansion coefficient too high for this kind of application.
PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) has been therefore selected as the most suitable material that without  limiting the chemical compatibility offers a very limited expansion to thermal stresses.
PEEK has recently become the plastic solution used in many fields including food, for its inertia.
It has been certified both by CE and U.S. FDA for applications where extreme thermal, chemical and mechanical process conditions are faced regularly.
This choice guarantees the usual strenght and reliability of FLS Magmeters even at very performing applications.
The new range of FLOWX3 Magmeters with SS/PEEK sensors for high temperature applications will include the new F3.60M bi-directional blind sensor, F3.63M mono-directional blind sensor, F9.60M bi-directional magmeter with display and F9.63M mono-directional magmeter with display. 

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The first FLS Level and Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitter HF6 is coming
The new HF6 instrument is a winning choice to monitor the pressure in aggressive chemical applications and also the optimal one to measure the level in the tanks.

Connect to customize - I step : Let's speak Magyar language
The first important step forward in customization and simplification of the FLS instruments has been taken: the interface of the Flow Monitor M9.02 is now availble in Hungarian language.