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The strong technical background developed in several years of applied process experience in flow applications, the passion and the job of an expert team to supply customized solutions, are leading FLS to be one of the most qualified partner in insertion technology flow measurement.

FLS is aligned with today’s global market more and more sensitive to quality standards. FLOWX3 sensors, monitors and transmitters, as well as the complete line of fittings, are characterized by FLS quality covering all steps from product development to accurate manufacturing and testing processes. Quality is the first step to win the challenge of providing products in the global market: all products are manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management as well as following the most restrictive CE standards.

FLS invests many efforts in its R&D department to find new solutions for fluid measurement and control. FLOWX3 instruments are developed and produced with the latest technology ensuring high, reliable and long term performances.

To provide always a wider range of solutions for fluid analysis and measurement, FLS offers CHEMX3, the dedicated line for electrochemical measurement as pH, ORP and Conductivity. CHEMX3 line includes monitors and transmitters, accessories, sensors and electrodes specifically made for different application fields.

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Electromagnetic FLOWX3 sensors for special applications
Available the new versions of FLOWX3 Magmeters suitable for high temperature applications up to 150° C.