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FLOWX3 - September 2004 Product news

FLOWX3 range enlarges with new products...
On the occasion of BIAS - Automation, Instrumentation, Microelectronics and ICT for Industry International Conference and Exhibition - in Milan FLS has introduced some new solutions for flow measurement applications.

FLOWX3 F3.00 Brass Body Paddlewheel Flow Sensors

The simple and reliable paddlewheel flow sensor FLOWX3 F3.00 is available also in brass, joining a proven technology with a chemical and mechanical resistance to provide lasting performances. This sensor has been specially designed to be used with critical temperature and pressure working rates.

Interface Module Sensor - PLC

F.IMSP1 module has been designed to allow the connection of FLOWX3 Flow sensors to any kind of PLC digital input (NPN or PNP) and to protect sensors from every electromagnetical or supply noises.

FLOWX3 F9.03 Flow Monitor and Transmitter with double INPUT/OUTPUT

The new F9.03 Flow Monitor and Transmitter has been designed to collect at the same time the output signal from two Flowx3 Flow Sensors and to cenvert it in a double display indication and in two 4-20mA output signals.
This new instrument guarantees a flexibility higher than other Flowx3 monitors reducing even further the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)and providing a really cost effective solution for several industrial applications.

Further technical details are available on the attached sheet.

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