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FLOWX3 Monitor Range – Improved features

The FLOWX3 monitor range has been improved with new technical features applied to F9.00 and F9.02 flow transmitters.

The already existing functions and the new interesting options will make the instruments suitable for always more demanding applications.

Briefly the Open Collector (O.C.) outputs have been all substituted with Solid State Relay (S.S.R.) outputs. The new outputs combine together the connection simplicity of mechanical relays with the long life expectation and high activation frequency of Open Collector outputs.

To have a detailed overview of the new monitor features and digital outputs, please, refer to the attached file where they are clearly indicated.

Thanks to the deep technical improvements, the FLOWX3 F9.01 monitor family will be dismissed starting from the beginning of 2011.

The items involved will be: the wall mounting versions F9.01.WX, the panel version F9.01.P1 and all the compact versions F9.01.XX.

Please note that F9.03 features won't be modified.

For more information see attached file.

[ 20101216-1933-FlowX3 monitor range.pdf >>]

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