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Clamp saddles body material exchange

Dear Customer,

as you may already know, raw material costs will keep on raising, forcing manufactures to raise final prices.

As we would like to contrast this trend and keep on providing our Customers with cost effective solutions, we would like to share in advance our project with you...

Starting from the beginning of 2012 we are going to switch the material of our clamp saddles body from PVC-C to PVC-U.

PVC-U body is fine for almost all the installations you are dealing with and can allow a lower production cost, while the main feature, that is the insert material, will be kept in PVC-C thus granting the same level of performance...

In order to cover also the most demanding applications supplying, we have planned to take on stock a reasonable quantity of the more common dimensions of PVC-C body clamp saddles. 

Of course, to manage this changement at the best we need to know your specific needs, so if you already know about applications where it will be mandatory to use PVC-C saddles, such as PP and PVDF pipes installation with high working temperature, we recommend to plan your own stock.

To help us to optimize last PVC-C production batch, please, let us know about the quantity/size needed within the month of June. 

Thank you for the cooperation!

Kind regards

The FLS Team

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