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U-PVC FLS Clamp saddles

Dear Customer,

the expected switching of the material of our clamp saddles body from C-PVC to U-PVC will be effective starting from next month.

U-PVC body is fine for almost all the installations you are dealing with and can allow a lower final price, while the main feature, that is the insert material, will be kept in C-PVC or PVDF thus granting the same level of performance.

In order to cover also the most demanding applications supplying, we have planned to take on stock a reasonable quantity of the more common dimensions of C-PVC body clamp saddles. 

For future deliveries please refer to the code list here enclosed to order standard clamp saddles with U-PVC body.

In case of supplies for applications where piping may reach high temperature, you can request special clamp saddles with C-PVC body using the existing codes; confirmation will be subject to availability.

Thank you for the attention!

Kind regards

The FLS Team

[ 20111212-1436-PVC-U-Clamp_Saddles_Codes_en.pdf >>]

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