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FLS Offer Update

Starting from November 20th, the FLS offer will undergo the following changes:
Brass Sensor Body
  • Paddlewheel Flow Sensor with brass body (Part No from F3.00.X.25 to F3.00.X.32 and from F3.01.X.25 to F3.01.X.32)
  • Paddlewheel Flow Transmitter with brass body (Part No from F6.30.13 to F6.30.16)
  • Flow switch with brass body (Part No from F3.05.13 to F3.05.16)
The Stainless Steel sensor body can replace the brass option in every applications, ensuring a wider chemical compatibility.
Plastic Weld-on adapters
  • U-PVC Adapters (Part No type WAIVXXX)
  • C-PVC Adapters (Part No type WAICXXX)
  • PP Adapters (Part No type WAIMXXX)
  • PE Adapters (Part No type WAIEXXX)
FLS Clamp saddles, dedicated to each pipe options, are suitable for replacing weld-on adapters in all installations, granting more accuracy in the sensor positioning.
Conductivity sensor without integrated temperature sensor
  • Epoxy conductivity sensors with Graphite electrodes (Part No type C150.XX)
  • Epoxy conductivity sensors  with Platinum electrodes (Part No type C200.XX)
  • PP conductivity sensors with Stainless Steel electrodes (Part No type C100.XX
Conductivity sensors with Pt100/Pt1000 have the same functionalities of the mentioned ones, plus they assure a higher quality of measurement, since the temperature dependence is considered.
Moreover, if necessary, the temperature measurement can be remoted through the second 4-20mA analog signal provided by the FLS M9.05 monitor.

  • AISI 316L Conductivity Sensor - series C300.001 with certified cell constant in order to simplify the calibration procedures in ultra-pure water applications (Part No C300.001.TCCK)
  • PVDF Electrode glandes for PG13.5 in order to align the adapters proposal with the high performance electrodes (Part No EG135FSEG135FL)


From January 1st  2016 all FLS monitors  will be equipped with a black polished ABS frame resistant to aggressive environments. Monitors part numbers will not change.

All the mentioned changes have been reported in the latest release of FLS Technical Catalogue in English (FLS Technical Catalogue 2015 Rev.1). The digital version of the updated catalogue is available on

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