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The family of sensors is widening: the first FLS Level and Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitter HF6 is coming

The new HF6 instrument is a winning choice to monitor the pressure in aggressive chemical applications and also the optimal one to measure the level in the tanks.

It is a 4-20mA transmitter proportional to the water head relative pressure and it can be combined to the FLS M9.10 monitor and transmitter or connected to a PLC directly.

The new transmitter, with a PVDF body and a semi-flush ceramic diaphragm, can cover, according to the models, from 0-0.6 bar to 0-16 bar without any additional calibration. It features a 8mt of PUR cable.

You can order the new instrument starting from week 47. Delivery time is 4 weeks from the order (up to 5 pcs). 

On request, HF6 will be available with the following options:
- other operating ranges
- FEP cable suitable to the submersed installation with cable in contact with the measured chemical
- extended cable lenght according to specific application needs
- version for the absolute pressure measurement 
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