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FLS M9.10

Software for Level and Pressure Measurement - Free download

The new special software has been conceived to enhance the FLS M9.10 monitor and transmitter with advanced and specific functions for level and pressure measurement.

The software is user friendly and intuitive thanks to the safe calibration procedures, easy and clear functionality explanations and useful practical tips to simplify the use of the monitor.

While starting the device, the user can choose to activate the options related to the pressure measurement or to the level/volume monitoring for each single input.

Free to download and easy to install, the new software boosts the combination of the M9.10 monitor and the HF6 level and pressure transmitter.

Advanced functionalities for Level/Volume Measurement
  • Possibility of computing the level measurement based on the hydrostatic pressure.
  • Simplified data reading thanks to several units of measurement for level and pressure.
  • Volume determination through the level measurement considering the vessel geometry.
  • Intuitive application to level/volume monitoring in open basins and tanks, and to the more complex control in sealed volumes, typical of closed and pressurized containers and tanks. In this second case, the system is able to manage also the double measuring as Differential Pressure.
  • Innovative Autocalibration Function to determine the liquids density accurately and easily based on simple practical tests.
Advanced functionalities for Pressure Measurement
  • Possibility to manage two pressure measurements either independently or as differential pressure, very suitable for monitoring the dirt level in filters.
  • Data easy to read and compare thanks to the several units of measurement.
  • 1 or 2 points calibration in order to get maximum flexibility and suitability for every applications.
The wide combination of digital and analogue outputs of M9.10 monitor along with the new functionalities grant all types of settings (assignment to single value or delta one), meeting the needs of every application.

Main Features


  • Advanced functions for level and pressure measurements
  • Help on board
  • Guided procedures
  • Flexible setting and use of analogue and digital outputs
  • Intuitive data reading thanks to several engineering units.

 Level/Volume Measurement

  • Immediate computing of level/volume measurement based on hydrostatic pressure
  • Specific functionalities for every type of containers and tanks
  • Innovative functions to simplify the use

  • Pressure measurement management in indipendent or relative way
  • Versatile calibration modes


Level/Volume Measurement

  • Monitoring wells
  • Artificial and natural basins
  • Container/Tanks
  • Water Treatment
  • Sewage Systems
Pressure Measurement

  • Chemical processes
  • Pressure regulation/ monitoring
  • Chemical dosing
  • Pressure drop detection 


Compatible Instrumentation

Special software

FLS M9.10
Software for Level and Pressure Measurement - Free download