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FLOWX3 - Product overview

FLS offers two cost effective solutions designed for industrial application quest.

FLOWX3 F3.60M Electromagnetic Insertion Flow Sensor

The FLOWX3 F3.60M & F3.63M Insertion Magmeters are suitable to measure flowrate in both metal and thermoplastic pipelines.
No moving mechanical parts and the high quality materials allow the measurement of liquids where suspended solids can be present or of abrasive liquids as long as they are conductive and homogeneous.
The sensor can be assembled into the standard FLS fitting range so it is perfectly interchangeable with the paddlewheel sensors.
The new design allows an accurate flow measurement  over a wide dynamic range in pipe sizes from DN15 (0.5”) to DN600 (24”).
The F3.60M & F3.63 offer frequency output for use with FLS flow instrumentation and 4-20 mA output  for long distance transmission and PLC connection.

FLOWX3 F3.80 Oval Gear Flow Sensors

The oval gear flow sensors F3.80 has been designed following the main industrial application requirements: high mechanical resistance and reliable performances.
These sensors are suitable to measure a wide range of liquid viscosities with a very high accuracy and repeatability.
The sensors can be fixed to flexible or rigid pipes via ¼” GAS threaded process connections. 
The construction materials, ECTFE (Halar®)  or PP or Stainless steel, provide high strength and chemical resistance.

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New flow sensor Bluetooth® Low Energy: the next generation of flow transmitter is here!
Flow measurement by wireless technology and several benefits in terms of performances, security, installation time reduction, and total cost of ownership.